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Detailed Coordination of the Big Day is just as important… What a waste it would be to spend so much time on detailed wedding planning and organization to have it all fall apart at the time of executing the plan!  Again we can help by directing the events for your rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. 

It’s your special day, don’t miss out on the celebration because of stressing out over making sure that everyone and everything is in place and flowing smoothly…. Let us do that!

Our Services Include:

Rehearsal Directing

Coordinate wedding rehearsal, assist with organizing flow of ceremony, participant placement and verify proper accommodations in place as requested.


Pre-Ceremony Assistance

1.   Coordinate with Site Mgr and review site to verify proper set-up and accommodations.

2.  Coordinate with wedding vendors to verify knowledge of agenda, special requests and/or circumstances.

3.  Assist Bride with dressing and preparation as needed.

4.  Direct & assist bridal party & family as needed.


Ceremony Coordination

1.  Assist officiant with coordinating flow of ceremony.

2.  Line up & cue bridal party and family at appropriate times.

3.  Cue program participants as needed.


Reception Coordination

1.  Direct flow of reception activities.

2.  Coordinate with site staff & wedding professionals.

3.  Assist Bridal Party as needed.




All Planning/Coordination Services Discounted for December & January Weddings!

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Relax & Enjoy!

You're Cordially Invited to be a guest at your own wedding! 

Wondering How?

Let us coordinate all the details so you can relax & enjoy the Special Celebration!

Just a "little" Help
If you only need coordination help for the ceremony or just the reception, we can customize our time and services to fit your needs.

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